About Us 


About us 

Overseas Alumni in Vung Tau is a volunteer group whose mission is fostering a strong, united and proactive overseas alumni community in Vung Tau.


OAV - in the making

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Human resource is the fundament of development and prosperity of any society. Thanks to leading economic development of and strong attention to education of local community, Vung Tau has generated a large and fastest growing number of overseas alumni in Vietnam. 

We understand that, after years of staying overseas, it's usually clearer for our future to stay overseas than coming back, we have no idea what future await us home. Even for those who returned, it was usually hard to find a career in their hometown and had to look for opportunity overseas or in Ho Chi Minh city. The lack of attention to foster such community has been resulting in heavy brain drain in Vietnam in general and Vung Tau in particular. 

Therefore, our Founders decided to return to Vung Tau to pave the way back for many others. Founded on 4th June 2015, OAV has experienced exponential growth, not only gathered a network of more than 4 hundreds alumni including those successfuly relocated their career back to Vietnam or Vung Tau, but also become a major community groups who deliver changes by international experience and knowledge.

Our approaches
Facilitates a networking venue of communication and friendship for international Vung Tau alumni in Vietnam and worldwide.
Facilitates growth and professional development opportunities for international alumni.
Promotes participation and leadership of international alumni in socio-economic challenges. 
Our management

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Hồ Thái Bình

Founder/ President

  • RMIT International University Vietnam 
  • University of Queensland (Australia) 

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Lê Đặng Thùy Linh

Vice President (PR)

  • MDIS (Singapore)
  • Les Roches (Switzerland)

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Lưu Thành Công

Vice President (Education) 

  • University of Tasmania (Australia)

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Lê Hạnh Dung

Vice President (Logistics)

  • RMIT International University Vietnam 

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Vũ Nguyệt Hạnh

HR manager

  • Coventry University (UK)
  • SingaporeERC Institute (Singapore)

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Phạm Thị Thùy Linh


  • Hagga-Helia Uni. (Finland)

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Trần Thị Phương Thảo


  • Lund University (Sweden)
What people say...
The page will help raise the profile of Australian Alumni by collecting and sharing information. In addition, the page becomes a vehicle for employers to find high quality alumni to fill vacancies. The perceived value of an Australian qualification should increase accordingly.
I sincerely meant it when I said that OAV, in one year have done more than many other alumni groups in Vietnam, who have more members and have been around longer. For this reason, I am sure you will continue to grow and prosper.
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