We see education as the greatest tool to address any social and economic challenge. 
Therefore, we strive to share our luck of international education to empower the local community and incubate future leaders.

Study & career orientation 

At the moment, in Vietnam, there has not been any career orientation system for students at any education level. Therefore, they usually face lots of difficulties in their further education and career.

OAV leverage diversity of our multi-national multi-disciplinary network to share with the students our real experience so that they can make informed decision at early ages to be well prepared for higher education and employment later on.

OAV has annual International Study and Career Orientation Day which is the largest education fair in Vung Tau city. Besides, we also cooperate with different parties to provide orientation activities.

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We love to share what we fortunately gained from our international education to local communities. We often cooperate with schools and universities in Ba Ria - Vung Tau to provide FREE workshops to students.

Our organized workshops:

  • English learning
  • Job application and Interview
  • First Aid 

Charity Bookshelf 

Chairty Bookshelf is a book collection initiative where anyone can donate books 24/7 to our specified bookshelves.We are bringing the joy of reading and better education to thousands disadvantaged children in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. 

Starting as a single small bookshelf in a local coffee shop early 2016, Charity Bookshelf has now become the biggest and most regular book donation project in the region with an expanding number of bookshelves covering most populated areas of Vung Tau city. 

We also cooperate with many local volunteer groups in our every trip to bring entertainment, scholarship, house fixing, health check, bicycles and cattles etc. to children in remote areas and their families.

OAV scholarship

Besides alumni who have returned to Vietnam, our overseas friends also wish to contribute to local education. We often receive scholarships from donors and deliver them to disadvantaged kids.

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